Posted by: helens22 | June 25, 2011

Fragrant oil blends with the heart energy of the Andes

As many of you know, our family has a second home in Ecuador and have been spending time there whenever we can. Our home is on a hillside with a spectacular view which includes two volcanoes – one snow-covered, the other (further away!) occasionally active! We are involved in a project to reforest the hillside.

When I returned from our most recent trip, I found myself taking time to reflect on, and write about, the special experiences of connection which I had there. And as I wrote, the significance and depth of the experiences became more apparent to me.

Besides writing and drawing from my experiences, I felt very drawn to create a series of fragrant oil blends to capture the special energies I’d experienced. Each has its own particular way of helping with the challenges of life in these times. All contain molle essential oil, distilled by my teacher Alverto Taxo and his students. Molle is the tree we are primarily using to reforest the hillside.  Don Alverto has said that the molle essential oil contains powerful energies of healing and protection, particularly suited for these times. Molle essential oil is also known for its antimicrobial properties, among many others. Each blend has other essential oils as well as a specific energetic purpose.

The base oil I’ve used is also very special and unique. It is made from the moringa plant which comes originally from the foothills of the Himalayas in India. It is a clear, bright yellow color and is extremely rich in nutrients and is extensively used in cosmetics for its emollient and anti-aging properties.

I’ve lived with each oil on a daily basis, enjoying their fragrances and energies. And now I’m delighted to be able to share them with you. The four oils are
Moringa Molle Sunshine Oil—encourages the ability to experience happiness during difficult times
Moringa Molle Hummingbird Oil—facilitates the softening, opening and healing of the heart
Moringa Molle Búho (Owl) Oil—strengthens the ability to see into, learn from, and transform darkness
Moring Molle Rainbow Oil—inspires the appreciation of beauty and hope in times of difficulty and despair


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